1. Each shipment MUST include a packing list attached to its lead box/pallet, identifying the total contents of the shipment by item number. The packing list should include the quantity of items per box, if the shipment includes multiple boxes.
  2. All palleted shipments MUST arrive on a 40”L x 48”W x 48”H pallet. Please call if height exception is required.*
  3. Each Box/Pallet/Wrap MUST be labeled with:

    a. MSS Item # 

    b. Description

    c. Numbered (Skid 1 of 3, Skid 2 of 3, Box 1of 3, Box 2 of 3, etc.)       

    d. Total quantity of product/packs (e.g. in box, on skid, or in wrap)

    e. Total quantity of items per pack, if applicable

    f. If apparel, items should be separated by size, color, type

    g. If apparel, individual pieces must be labeled by type and size

* Calls must be placed 24 hours in advance of shipment arriving at MSS.

* If an appointment cannot be kept, or if a shipment arrives after receiving hours, it is at the discretion of the Receiving Department to accept the shipment, or re-schedule the delivery for the next day.

* Exception:  Skid shipments from Printers approved for unboxed product may be sent on less than standard skids

CALL: (434) 385-1900 ext 120 or (434) 851-3339 for receiving appointment or skid height exception.

  • Receiving Hours
    8:00am to 4:30pm EST
  • All shipments over 5 skids require an appointment
  • All container shipments require an appointment; Containers may be scheduled for arrival Tuesday through Friday