How do the good stories of products and services cut through the muck of a million bad ones?

At MSS, we work under the impression that data is everything. If we ship a marketing package to prospects for our customers, we don't just hit send and wait for the next purchase order. For many, we immediately follow through with a data collection effort that allows our customers to learn more about their targets and their distributions than ever before. This order fulfillment practice maximizes the opportunity for growth and new ideas within a program.

At MSS, our distribution methods are designed to partner with marketers on their journey to educate. When sending a press release kit, a rebranding package or a product launch kit, we don't simply rely on a delivery notice to determine the success or completion of a distribution. To maximize our value, we feel obligated to learn how it was received. We follow up physical distributions with soft surveys to the recipients, gathering valuable data on the impressions had by our customers' targets. We think it's an essential part of market education.


MSS is a marketing logistics and order fulfillment company that engages with your marketing process like no one else—service and results are paramount. Over nearly 40 years, we have developed many simple service enhancements that set us apart. For hundreds of customers across dozens of industries, we are the difference between them and their competitors. We want your business, too. So, how can we help you in your journey to educate?