This is not a post about the New Year.

Instead, this post will become the first of many for a company that is just a little bit in need of a fresh start online. We have never really tried our hand at presenting MSS on the web. Until 2011, it'd been a decade since any major updates to That is a long time to sit still, but things change.

The old domain is a bit long in the tooth and character count, but it now points here, at The old domain and website didn't do much, but now they are going to be dedicated to a purpose that MSS never really has been—the same purpose of any great company's website; Telling the story about why we are different. About how much we love our role in your success.

Along with industry information, best practices, and all of the details about running a successful fulfillment operation, we are going to be talking about why we offer more and are consistently willing to be more to compete with the other guys. We flex and bend for our customers. We become your partner. 

Our long-time and potential customers will be encouraged to come here to learn more, and to talk with us about why our logistics solutions are their best bet for the growth of their businesses, their memberships and their communities. We want to grow with you.

For MSS, 2014 will usher in a lot of fresh ideas and this website aims to kick it off. We are going to try. And to quote a great thinker and "logistics" pro:

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
— Albert Einstein