MSS is your Marketing Deployment Partner.

With MSS, outsourcing your marketing logistics and event support is simple. Put your sales and marketing inventory on autopilot using our services complete with Merchandising and Print Management, Inventory and List Management, and personalized customer care.

Launching Marketing Kits is a Simple Process

Stage 1:  You Send or Select Your Products.

Ship your products and/or marketing materials inventory to MSS, or work with us to produce print and promotional products for your sales and marketing needs.

Stage 2: We Assemble Inventory Items Into Sales/Marketing Kits.

MSS produces (or pulls from inventory) your sales and marketing tools and creates custom kits for storage within ongoing inventory or immediate distribution.

Stage 3: We Scrub Your List and Distribute Your Kits.

MSS moves created kits to inventory, or assigns the kits to a distribution. We verify your data, ensuring the most accurate information is used on an address list and then we mail packages accordingly.

Stage 4: We Track Shipments and Process Returns

MSS follows all of your shipments to their destinations. We track for errors and process any customer or team member returns, replenishing stock or holding returned items for review.

Stage 5: You Track Ordering Stats/Inventory Online 24/7.

MSS provides a FREE online portal to your order fulfillment stats and inventory control. You keep track of who ordered what, when, and how. We help you adjust your offering to accommodate need.



Customer Care