MSS is constantly pushing the envelope with regard to our capabilities, our flexibility and our technology.

Synapse® by Zethcon™

Zethcon Synapse™ is a particularly effective solution for 3PLs. With Synapse, MSS can readily process multiple warehouses and multiple customers, all with different processing requirements, using the same database and software. The Synapse system enables MSS to provide our customers with the efficiency of system directed tasks, the error reduction of Radio Frequency, as well as automatic error detection, the streamlining of EDI, and innovative web access. With our unique, native billing and costing functionality, and automatic data collection, MSS is able to manage costs with precision.

Integrated Systems

We invest in the tools our customers need to grow healthy businesses that scale.


Distribution Center Automation

Our Warehouse Management System forms the centerpiece of our distribution centers. Every item in the distribution center is tracked and controlled in real time from the moment it is received until the moment it ships, using barcoded License Plate Identification. Receiving, Putaway, Inventory Management, Order Picking, Quality Control, and Shipping are all automated through the WMS, so that we can deliver the speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary to properly handle your products and needs. The WMS functionality is complimented by other equipment such as wireless Radio Frequency (RF) hand-held and wrist-mounted devices, which allow scanning for proper identification and rapid recognition of items and locations. We also employ automated conveyor, pick to light systems, and highly specialized manifesting software that allows us to ship via multiple carriers and classes, as well as sorting outbound shipments using a variety of criteria. The WMS also allows us to use a host of configurations and picking methods so that we can tailor our operations to accurately and rapidly fulfill your orders, ensuring proper order fulfillment at a competitive cost.

Inventory Management

Because MSS employs a dedicated real-time Warehouse Management System in each of its Distribution Centers, you can see the status of your inventory at all times via online tools as well as our custom integration tools, by facility, as well as on a summary level. Using these tools you can easily drill down to each item and find out exactly what inventory is at each Distribution Center, how much is allocated to orders, how much is already picked and staged, to help you manage inventory by the minute if you need to. The use of barcoded unique license plate identification ensures that the inventory information you are using is what it truly available to you, to avoid backorder situations and to help you make informed decisions about inventory reordering. We can create customizable reports using any data that we hold in our systems, giving us great flexibility to provide you with timely and critical information that you need to run your business.

Reporting Systems

Access to your information and product is crucial and we understand that at MSS. We have a dedicated team of I.T. professionals that work with you to keep you up to date and in-the-know about everything happening in regards to your inventory. We issue daily report logs that are specifically customized to fit your every need and allow you to work with the most relevant and detailed data possible. Additionally these reports will be tailored to fit your systems so they can easily be integrated on a daily basis. Our customers receive 24/7 access to inventory reports. Our system enables clients to view their complete inventory overview, manage and view orders as well as their status, customize inventory allocation for inbound orders, and detailed tracking information on packages which is made possible through our connections and links to preferred carriers.