Shipping FAQs

What are MSS's order fulfillment capabilities?

Any order that arrives by 3pm EST will ship out the same day. Customers who run sales, flash sales, or are expecting higher than standard order volume can expect the same level of service.

Is MSS responsible for import duties and taxes?

No, customers are responsible for all duties, customs or fees related to your products. Duties, customs or fees should be satisfied prior to goods arriving at our warehouse.

Does MSS offer USPS Flat Rate or Regional Rate shipping options?

Yes, we do offer USPS Flat Rate and Regional options as a special service.

Does MSS offer discounted shipping rates?

For USPS we offer online discounted rates. For UPS Ground and Freight we offer daily discounted pick up rates, plus an additional discount ranging from 5-25%.

What shipping carrier(s) does MSS ship with?

We ship via all major domestic carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL . We also work with all major freight and trucking companies for pallet shipments.

Does MSS offer USPS First Class or First Class International shipping options?

Yes, and there is no additional fee for this service.

Still unclear? Contact Us and we will answer your questions.